QOTD: How Many Multiple Same Make/Model Cars (or Trucks) Have You Owned?

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“If you find something you like, you tend to stay with it”…that old adage certainly has applicability to motor vehicles.  If you’ve developed a fondness for a certain make/model, you’ll likely buy another…and another…and another.  So, today’s QOTD is; have you purchased the same make and model vehicle multiple times over the years?  If so, how many in total have you owned?

Couple rules of engagement; 1) it should be the same brand/make and model (i.e., a Ford Escort, not just a Ford), 2) different trim or grades within specific models are allowed, and 3) it should be personally owned – not a fleet or business vehicle.

I know this question tends to favor older drivers who have had longer driving careers, but we’d like to hear from everyone – so, if you’re in your early twenties and have had two Civics, we’d like to hear about it.  More importantly, tell us why you decided to buy another one…

To help illustrate and as an example, here’s mine;

Though I’d like to tell you I’ve owned six Corvettes, or five 911s, our family is currently on our fourth Toyota Previa/Estima van.  All have been used (not new) – a 1990 US model, and three JDM versions; a 1992, a 1999, and our current 2007.

Why’d we keep buying them?  Reliability – each one we’ve owned has been absolutely trouble-free – the 1999 model we owned for 10 years.  I also have to admit I find the design attractive – especially the 2006 and up model.

So, what have been your multiple-owned curbside classics and why’d you keep buying them?