QOTD: How Many Tools Do You Carry With You?

I was at lunch with my coworkers the other day, most of whom are also industrial designers. The topic of cars inevitably came up and we got to talking about the last car each of us owned in which we carried some sort of supplemental tool kit. Several guys had *never* owned a car for which they felt they needed emergency tools, but others of us had at some point carried enough kit to overhaul the engine right on the side of the road.

That’s my old ’64 in the pic above, and the tan bin contained enough spare parts and select tools to be able to handle most typical issues a vintage VW might experience (note the Idiot manual). I carried my whole toolbox in my ’71 VW ‘bus, and sometimes a floor jack and stands if I was on a longer road trip (had to use ’em once or twice, too!).

So what’s the last car in which you regularly carried a tool kit, and what’s the most interesting roadside repair you’ve had to make?