QOTD: How Often (If Ever) Do You Use Cruise Control?


After reading Max.P’s COAL post on his Volkswagen Jetta the other day, I noticed that both in the post and some of the comments, a need for cruise control was expressed in situations regarding long commutes. It set an alarm off in my head, because I have never used the cruise control in my current car, despite frequent highway trips of reasonable length.

cruise control 3

The only times I ever hit the cruise button were on a couple of trips back and forth to UConn, when I went there my freshman year of college. The only portion of the 2-hour trip I’d use it was for the approximately 12-mile stretch of I-84 between the Mansfield, CT exit and the Massachusetts/Connecticut border. An exceptionally boring stretch of interstate, its unusually frequent amount of steep hills combined with the heaviness of my Highlander’s gas pedal at 70 just made it more comfortable to use the cruise control.

cruise control 2

But other than that, cruise control has never appealed to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a little lead-footed on the highway, or maybe it’s because my most frequently traveled highway, MA-Route 3, is too much of a zoo for it. Mostly though, it’s because I like being in total control of my car. I know the simple touch of the brake pedal disengages cruise (or many new cars with adaptive cruise control, a built-in radar can also engage braking), but I still don’t like that feeling of the car maintaining a high speed without my foot on the gas. That’s my feeling on cruise control, but I’ll be interested to know, do other people use cruise control frequently? And would it be a deal-breaking feature when buying a car?