QOTD: Is There A Brand Of Car You’d Never Buy Because It Carries A Certain Stigma?

As it’s well-known already, earlier this week Buick announced that it will soon be discontinuing all variants of the Regal — eschewing it from selling any “cars” for the first time ever and thus officially making it a CUV-brand only. Edward’s CC Newsstand report on it spawned some interesting conversation, notably touching upon the general stigma of Buick as an “old man’s car” and its overall unfavorable image strong enough for many to completely write it off. I can totally see where many people are coming from and in fact relate, and this got me thinking further, is there a brand (or multiple brands) of car I’d never buy because it evokes a certain stigma or unappealing image?

While there are indeed multiple brands that fit this category for me personally, I’ll just stick on the topic of Buick. This is somewhat hard to say, for on the one hand, I’m very passionate about Buick. It’s a brand with deep, meaningful, and interesting history, and one I’ve been secretly rooting for since the late-00s and it’s efforts in offering more competitive and appealing vehicles. I’m probably one of the few who was relieved back in 2009 when GM announced they were discontinuing Pontiac, but sparing Buick.

Yet on the other hand, I’d never buy a Buick. The latest Regal and Lacrosse have certainly caught my eye as attractive vehicles, but for me, their interiors still share too many corporate GM parts bin switchgear and components, and simply don’t feel special or unique from my perspective — easily my biggest pain point and qualm regarding Buick.

Furthermore, they’re Buicks. Alas, over the years Buick built a reputation as an old person’s vehicle (to great profitability I might add), and to this day it still can’t seem to shake it. After all, the youngest person I know who drives a Buick is my soon-to-be mother in-law who drives a Lacrosse and doesn’t look a day over 40. I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, but the idea of driving around in a Buick is somewhat of a cringeworthy thought to me as despite being an old soul, a Buick of any sorts is going a little too far into the depths for me. Is there a brand of car you’d never buy because it carries a certain stigma?