QOTD: Is This the Golden Age of Station Wagon Styling?

I’m old….AARP eligible old. So maybe that’s why I’ve been casting an approving eye at some of the new station wagon models that have recently hit the scene. I mean, I was a teenager in the 1960’s – station wagons were what Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray) drove during all twelve seasons of My Three Sons. You can’t get much more “un-hip” than that…right Uncle Charlie?

Of course, it could also be that automotive stylists have penned some absolutely beautiful wagons lately – I mean really top-notch designs. Allow me to highlight five of these wagons, in no particular order, that I think meet or exceed the attractiveness of their respective sedan stablemates.

Volvo V90. There was a time I thought that Peter Horbury was the only one out there that could style a good-looking Volvo (other than the P1800). But Volvo and Geely struck gold when they signed up Thomas Ingenlath as Volvo VP of Design – he showed his talents with the series of Volvo concepts several years ago – and the new XC90, XC60, and S90 are gorgeous. But the V90 is the best of the bunch – beautifully proportioned – a Scandinavian stunner.

VW Golf Wagon. All the Golf Gen 7 models are winners; but the best looking of them all is the wagon. Again, it has a symmetry and balance that just looks right. The analogy I’ve heard frequently with regards to Golf styling is that “it looks like an expensive, finely tailored suit”. I agree. Even the jacked up North American All Track model looks good.

Buick Regal Wagon. Europe sends North America another model which we then “ugly up”. But even with the added wheelwell plastic cladding, this Buick (Opel) wagon still looks striking. Low, lean, and again beautifully proportioned – I hope it sells in big numbers. If so, maybe Buick will give us the “clean” version (lower photo)

Mazda 6 (Atenza) Wagon. As CC readers know, I’m a big fan of the current gen Mazda 6 – because of our distaste for wagons, Mazda doesn’t sell this model in North America – our loss. The wagon is just as beautifully proportioned as the sedan – a sensuous, flowing design.

Peugeot 508 Wagon. As famous for their wagons as Volvo, the 508 carries on that fine Peugeot tradition – and looks great doing it.

So, what do you think, are we in a Golden Age for station wagon styling?