QOTD: It’s 2019; What Is On Your “To Find” List?

In a weird way, work events and personal life have been in a vicious conspiracy throughout 2018.  I’m not in the field nearly as much while at work, thus not finding very many cars, and I’ve had enough goings-on at home to prevent very much free time for writing.

But it doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

So in a cocktail of equal parts optimism and naivety, here’s a few cars that still remain on my bucket list to find somewhere, somehow in 2019.  These are in no particular order.

1971 to 1974 Dodge Coronet

Don’t ask why this is, it just is.  Any example would be welcome regardless of trim and whether it’s a sedan or wagon.

While there isn’t an overwhelming number of fans for this body style, there is something refreshing about it.  While the number produced was modest, the survival rate seems to be nearly nonexistent.  While my bucket list isn’t in order, this is the exception.

1971 GM B-body

While these are still uncommonly plentiful due to so many having been produced, this one needs a huge qualifier.  I want to find one of the few produced with a manual transmission.  Manual transmissions had only a partial year availability for Olds, Buick, and Pontiac although Chevrolet kept a manual behind the 250 cubic inch straight six until 1973.

Unsurprisingly, very few were equipped with a manual in 1971.  Despite the stereotype of these all having a V8 with an automatic, there are some exceptions.  Stumbling upon one would be a highlight for 2019.

1973 Ford Torino

Another qualifier is needed here; it needs to be a base model as exemplified by the white one in the middle of this picture.  My parents purchased a new a tobacco brown metallic base model 1973 Torino sedan and it left a huge impression on me.  Finding one to better convey the story would be the bee’s knees.

Mercury LN-7

The LN-7 was the Mercury derivative of the Ford EXP, which was itself a derivative of the North American Ford Escort.  The simple rarity of it does indeed make it a dream machine.

1974 AMC Ambassador

With the name of Ambassador enduring for so many years, finding one of the last year examples would only be fitting.  This last year Ambassador is also unique by being the only year for this particular front end.

The Ambassador is also testimony that when Dick Teague got things right, he got things right.  And, conversely, when he got things wrong, he got things wrong.

Thus my Question Of The Day:  What car(s) would you like to find in 2019?