QOTD: Know Anyone Sharing A Name With An Automobile Brand?

Louis Chevrolet in 1914

Every once in a while we all likely have an odd realization hit us.  This time, the realization was too good to not use as a QOTD.

Let me explain.

JL Hudson, 1891

Earlier last week a group of new employees came onboard where I work.  One of them has the last name of Hudson, that independent make that would later evolve into AMC.  This is when I realized I know a fair number of people having names shared with car brands.

Charles W. Nash

Because among my other coworkers there is a Nash, the other component of what would form AMC.

Ransom E. Olds, 1901

Yet another coworker, who is quite young, has the surname of Olds.  It would be interesting to know if he’s related to Ransom E.

August and Fred Duesenberg

Another coworker, now retired, is named Duesenberg – although the spelling of his name is slightly different.  Yes, it’s been a while since Duesenberg ceased making cars, but the name still sticks with us as it’s such a Doozie.  His first name is neither Augie nor Fred.

Before that, I worked with a guy named Lincoln.

Henry Ford

Going back further, there was a family in the area where I grew up named Ford.  There was a running joke during my father’s childhood about them getting a new Ford every year, which was true.  They had somewhere around fifty-three children, with at least one new one every calendar year.

To digress for a moment, one of the Ford grandsons was a year or two younger than me and did his best to keep the name alive.  When he impregnated his girlfriend in high school she was furious so he sought solace in another.  Repeating his performance, her due date was about five weeks after the first girlfriend’s.  He reconciled with the first after she gave birth and, well, they reconciled too well as another one was soon on the way.

For what it’s worth, when the wife was pregnant, I nominated the name of Mercedes for a girl; it was quickly vetoed.  The Mercedes automobile was named for Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of Austrian auto entrepreneur Emil Jellinek.  Maybe I should have been more subtle; Dacia would be a great name for a girl.

So, for our Question Of The Day:  Do you know anyone with a given or surname the same as a brand of automobile?