QOTD: So, What’s With Your Avatar?


Ahh, the Avatar.  Those of us who comment frequently know our online friends’ avatars like we can pick out a well-known brand of peas or dish soap from the supermarket shelf.  But the pictures are quite small, and do not always show their details well.  This hit me recently when commenter DaveB made a reference to his avatar as being from a 1967 Chevy brochure.  “Interesting”, I thought, mainly because I had never taken a good enough look at it to place it as a something from a brochure.  And also because he shares with me an early car-owning life with a ’67 Ford, an experience that was evidently not powerful enough for either of us to choose as avatar material.

My avatar was the first one I ever chose for anything, which I did back when I used to get my Curbside Classic fix on TTAC.  It is the cover page of the brochure for the 1959 Plymouth.


The JPC Fury after a wash and wax along side the maternal ’74 Luxury LeMans.


I might feel differently if I were to live with one for a year in 2016, but my memory from 1979-80 is that my ’59 Plymouth Fury was one of the most pleasant cars to drive I had ever spent time in and it remains one of my very favorites.  The car just fit me, and I enjoyed almost every minute with it, right up until I jilted it for the Tawny Gold Metallic ’71 Scamp that I saw on the used car lot at Bill Gaddis Chry-Ply in Muncie, Indiana in the late spring of 1980.   I was so fickle then.

I have owned lots of cars since and have loved lots more, but two things keep me from changing my avatar (OK, three things, if we include inertia): My ’59 Fury was delivered to its original owner on the very day I was born in 1959 and this model was the topic of the very first CC piece I wrote (if accidentally) here on this site.

So, what say you show off your avatar, and tell us the story behind it?  And if you don’t have one, what a great day this is to go to your profile settings and upload a picture.  Then you can tell us all about it.