QOTD: Spoilers Ahead! What Is Your Favorite Automotive Wing?

We’ve all seen good cars ruined by bad spoilers and wings. Well, this isn’t that post: Today I want to talk about cars whose looks were actually improved by the manufacturer with the addition of a well-chosen wing or spoiler.

Maybe it’s because I grew up with too much Smokey and the Bandit, but to me, there is something that looks oh-so-right about a 70’s Trans-Am with the factory spoiler. The little kick-up, the extra space for logos and text, it just seems right.

OK, the whitewall tires and wire wheel covers aren’t doing any favors.

In comparison, the base spoilerless Firebird (and Esprit) models always seemed to me to have a saggy, droopy rear end.

Strangely, spoilerless Camaros of the same vintage don’t seem to bother me nearly as much. Maybe it is the smaller wraparound taillights or the chrome bumpers.

Yes, before you go there, I know that Jim Rockford drove a Pontiac Firebird Esprit sans-spoiler for years on The Rockford Files. But I remain unconvinced. To me, the Pontiac Firebird was markedly improved with the addition of the factory spoiler.

That’s my hot take. What car do you think is most improved by the addition of a spoiler?