QOTD – What Car Best Represents 2020 And Your (Realistic) Hopes For 2021?

We have aired out many disagreements here at the Curbside, but I think there is one thing on which we can all agree: 2020 sucked.  Because all  of us here tend to think way too much about cars, I decided that our expectations vs. our actuality can be expressed in automotive terms.  Here is my take:

This is the 2020 I was sort of expecting.

Here is the 2020 I actually got.

With expectations suitably adjusted, here is the 2021 I am hoping for.  Don’t they say that low expectations are the foundation of happiness?

So how about you?  If you had to describe 2020 with a car, what would it be?  Or for that matter, what car would best express your realistic hopes for 2021?