QOTD: What Car Did Mister Rogers Drive?

If you grew up in the States after 1969, you probably remember Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as I surely do. There’s a movie out about Fred Rogers, and I watched it the other night during a flight from Ottawa to Vancouver.

One brief scene shows Rogers driving in the mid-late 1970s. It looks to me as though he’s driving a GM colonnade 2-door, or at least something made by GM: the door pull, the sideview mirror and its adjustor, the quarter window we see in the rearview mirror, the shoulder belt—it wouldn’t shock me if Mr. Rogers might’ve been one of the roughly nine people in America who used their seatbelts in the 1970s, though I can’t quite tell for sure from that first pic ☝︎up there☝︎.

But which colonnade is it? The head restraint—or top of a tombstone-type seat?—visible in the rearview mirror might offer a hint to someone more devout. I think it’s not a Chev (wrong quarter glass)…

…nor an Olds (front fender peak, central hood trim). This dashboard might offer a clue, but not to me:

I’m not very familiar with the Pontiac or Buick variants. Can anyone pin down the make, model, and year?

(If you did grow up with Mister Rogers, see the movie. Unless your heart’s made of granite, you’ll need Kleenex.)