QOTD: What Car Has Your Favorite Starter Motor Sound?

It’s a simple fact one cannot drive any car or pickup without using the starter.  And nothing can get a person juiced up for a drive nearly as much as a healthy and inspiring sounding starter motor.

Perhaps I should admit that I’m old enough to enjoyed the transition to fuel injection and the resultant differences (read as getting quieter) in the sounds of starter motors.  There have been some really good ones along the way but let’s review a few.

Ford had a determined sounding starter motor back in the 1960s.  This is me starting my 1963 Ford Galaxie.

GM had some good ones.  Perhaps my favorite can be found on this 1991 Silverado although it well represents a host of big GM cars that sounded similarly.  This video was about the best I could find for bid GMs.  Go to 1:10 to hear the melodious sounds of GM’s best.

But, unsurprisingly, my nomination for best starter motor sound of all time is from Chrysler.  Yeah, I know, that was as obvious as stink on a skunk, but we all have our preferences.  Go to 1:20 to hear this 383 attempting to start.

This Dodge pickup is obviously a 1994 or newer.  Go to 5:10 when he hits the starter.  Somebody put an old style starter on this Dodge and it sounds like angels singing.   Other than bed length this rig is identical to the 1998 Ram 1500 my parents have and bought new.  Seeing this makes me want to tinker with theirs.

Oh, what the hell.  Here’s a third.  Start at the beginning.

Of contemporary cars perhaps VW has my favorite sounding starter.  Problem is, like so many other contemporary rides, they are so quiet one cannot hear them on the videos I’ve reviewed.  Another current favorite is, off all things, the starter motor on International trucks.

So what car has your favorite starter motor sound?