QOTD: What Car Is This?

We—my photographer husband and I—are in the middle of a road trip round the BC interior. Yesterday afternoon we pulled off at a scenic lay-by and off in the distance were a couple of derelict cars strewn about an old barn. One of them was a ’72ish Vega Kammback. The other was this what’s in the photo. “Curbside” here has to be stretched a little; the car was probably 500 metres (about 1/3 mile) away. That’s why the image is a little on the grainy side; even though it was taken with a long lens, we still had to crop in on it quite a lot to embiggen the car enough to see. Looks like something from about the ’53-’56 timeframe, but I can’t identify it. Can you? Or you? …or you?