QOTD: What Do The Most Frustrating Drivers Drive?

Like many couples, my wife and I spend a fair amount of time every week commuting: she to the west of our home, I to the east.  In doing so, we have come to different conclusions about the drivers with whom we share the road.  Living in Michigan, we assume that prevailing trends in vehicle buying are not shared with other states in our union, let alone countries abroad.  In other words, people in Michigan still buy “American,” whatever that means anymore.  With that being said, if I see a Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain in my travels, there’s about a 3-in-1 chance that its driver will do something annoying, such as sitting too long at a four-way stop, changing lanes abruptly and for no reason, or weaving because they’re on a cell phone.  Encores, Traverses, and Acadias are almost as likely a subject, but much of the time, I’ll find myself yelling “EQUINOX!”

On the other hand, my wife’s automotive nemesis is the Ford Escape.  It must be that Michigan’s tastes in SUVs change the farther west one drives.  The other day, however, I followed a rolling example of her frustration as we entered a parking lot, and an Escape driver who couldn’t hold a speed also followed the lines on the road in their head rather than on the actual road.

It might be that we’re all simply bad drivers, but it can’t be that simple, can it?  I therefore ask you this: What vehicle do YOU see on the road that is certain to flummox you in your day-to-day driving?