QOTD: What Do You Think Of Collectors Overtaking Street Parking Spaces With Multiple Classics?

As I was uploading this rather eye catching Scout II “Rally” (it’s not really) to the Cohort, I remembered I photographed a note attached to another classic that was parked nearby. Both of these cars and more, all belong to the same local collector, who parks them near his flat- most crucially, taking up valuable parking spaces from his neighbors. And they, as you shall see, decided to do something about it.


For now they stuck this note under the wiper of one of his cars:

It translates as follows:

Dear Mr. Shacham,

Your vehicles are charming. However, the amount of cars you park regularly in public parking spaces is high and takes up spaces from your neighbors, especially near yours- and our homes.

Please be considerate and disperse your vehicles around the neighborhood and not just park them on our street, or rent spots in a parking garage.

Thank you,

The neighbors who constantly look for parking, mornings and evenings.


Now, so to fill you in; we are talking about a small street which has some head-on parking, plus a narrow alleyway that leads to dead end (where you can park maybe five cars). And Mr. Shacham holds at least five cars at any given time. I should know because I photographed them and uploaded here (or the Cohort) previously. Here are four more of them (we already counted the Scout):

That’s the dead end I wrote of. This side has two parking spots, one of which is always taken by a classic. In this case this nice 1970 Cougar.

Same place, different day- and car. On the left side (just visible) you can park maybe three cars, no more.

You recognize the spot already. That Renault R15 was the car the note was attached to, though it was parked higher up the street, as in the next photos.

That was where the Scout at the top photo was parked, and on a different day you’ll see this Mustang. Note the Scout is in the background across the street.

And few meters further you’ll find yet another Cougar! Although I have to admit, I think this one replaced the 1970 car you saw earlier.

I personally think the neighbors have some point, being these cars just park there not moving besides on very few occasions. And this particular street does have a serious parking shortage. But what say you, CC community?