QOTD: What Engine Is The Most Resilient and Unfazed By Abuse and Neglect?

My post earlier today on the 1973 Plymouth Road Runner I dished some praise on the ability of the Chrysler slant six and 318 (5.2 liter) V8 to withstand all manner of abuse.

We all know some engines are a lot less hearty than others.  But what engines are the heartiest, able to withstand all manner of unsavory treatment?  It doesn’t matter if we are talking ability to run quite low on oil, run too hot for extended periods with no apparent damage, or those simply able to gleefully take whatever abuse is thrown at it.

My nominees are the Chrysler Slant Six and the 318.  Yes, that’s two, but they are so close in abusive aptitude they could be tied.

So what engine do you nominate?