QOTD: What is the Most Unexpected Car You Have Seen in the Most Unexpected Place?

chrysler new yorker inception

In the movie Inception, the protagonists at one point are involved in a shoout and car chase within a dream. As they race through the pouring rain, evading their pursuers, the same 1982-87 Chrysler New Yorker continually appears. I kept noticing the stretched K-Car and how out of place it seemed.

cadillac coupe de ville 1974 pickup (1)

I had watched Inception the night I took these two terrible photographs in Brisbane. It felt almost surreal to see this pickup conversion of a 1974 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, being used by maintenance workers on the busway no less! Was I dreaming? Was someone manipulating my subconscious as I slept?

cadillac coupe de ville 1974 pickup (2)

As it turns out, I was very much awake. Still, it was such a bizarre sighting considering Cadillacs were not sold in Australia in the 1970s and these pickup conversions were rare. Sadly, it was a nightmare trying to take a good picture!

cadillac pickup

What is the most unexpected car you have seen in the most unexpected place?