QOTD: What Is the Oldest Car or Truck You Have Driven?

1930 Ford Beauty-04

It was 1992 and I was spending the weekend with a friend.  While chatting with the friend’s grandfather, he suggested we visit a man named Otto if we were really wanted to talk cars.

So we went to Otto’s house.

Soon after we started talking, Otto stood up and announced he wanted to take his 1929 Ford Model A Tudor for a spin.  The Model A fired immediately and we climbed in.  About five minutes into it, Otto looked at me and said he was about to make my day.  When I asked how, he pulled over and said he was tired of driving.  Swapping places with Otto, I took the very long way back to his house, piloting the Model A on city streets and on a state highway.

Twenty-two years later, the memory is as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

This Model A is the oldest vehicle I have ever driven.  What is the oldest vehicle you have driven?

1930 Ford-23