QOTD: What Is This?

My brother, who lives in West LA, noticed this car, which lives a couple of blocks away. He sent me this picture and asked, “What kind of car is this?  Did some research but couldn’t figure it out…”

It’s kind of a neat looking mashup. It looks like some kind of Fiero kit car combined with a Chrysler?

It’s a Frankenstein-ed one-off, for sure. It shares some similarities with the early 80s Chrysler Imperial, particularly in the lines of the hood.

When I first looked at the picture of the mystery car, those pop up lights looked very Fiero-ish.

I took a closer look at the rims, and they look very Fiero-like. So this possibly started its life off as a Fiero, and someone had some fun broughaming it out?

My very first thought was that it reminded me of the B-horror movie, “The Car” with James Brolin from the late 70s. That film has been referenced once or twice here at CC, and it featured a similar (but earlier) looking modified Lincoln Continental.
So what is this thing? Being in West LA, it might be a car from a film that someone recognizes. Can you ID it, or the various parts of it?