QOTD: What Is Your Favorite Side Marker/Reflector?

When I was a teenager, an uncle had a ’68 Firebird that sat near his garage for several years, and it may have subconsciously (along with my watching too many reruns of The Rockford Files) have led to my being a Firebird owner.  The “arrowhead” side marker lights were one of many reasons for my still loving the ’68 model; that light is a detail that seems insignificant until you realize that most brands didn’t do it that way.

On the other hand, an obvious choice for “best side marker” illuminates the flanks of myriad 1968 Chrysler products.  Those little round lights on the quarters and fenders might win the “beginner’s luck” award, at least aesthetically, considering that these lights were first required on American cars for this model year.

Side marker lights are far down my list of reasons for falling in love with a car, but these are my two favorites.  Today’s question: Did anybody do it better?  Please discuss below.