QOTD: What Is Your Least Favorite Automotive Accessory?

camry leaves

I remember when some brochures used to have a page at the back dedicated to dealer-fitted accessories. There would be mud flaps, custom floor mats and numerous other fairly useless things including these: guards to protect against stone chips.


Now, maybe I haven’t been looking closely enough, but I haven’t noticed many cars with noticeable dents and chips on their front end because the owner didn’t pay a little extra to get one of these babies fitted. What I have noticed, though, are numerous cars with these guards fitted and absolutely clogged with detritus and debris. It frustrates me to look at, because most owners don’t seem to clean them out. Is it even easy to remove the guard? These items just strike me as useless and ugly. So, tell me, what is your least favorite automotive accessory?