QOTD: What Was The First “Foreign” Car In Your Immediate Family And When?

2004 Camry. So sad, sad, sad...

Easy enough, right?  A few rules though lest you get confused otherwise.  A) Let’s define “immediate family” as you, your significant other, your parents, and your kids.  No grandparents, cousins, uncles, etc.  Or perhaps you’re one of the likely few to never have partaken of the otherworldly goods, that’s okay too.  B) We’ll also define “foreign” as from a different country than wherever you were/are.  In my case I believe we always had German cars (VW, DKW, Audi, Ford) in Germany until we moved to the States and then there was a Pontiac Ventura that was replaced around 1983 by a 1979 Mazda 626 coupe that eventually became mine.  That Mazda 626 would be my answer I suppose as my Dad bought it and it was his first non-domestic vehicle based on where we lived.  (Note that Ford can be considered domestic by Americans, Germans and Brits, it’s a bit weird that way and adds a wrinkle).  And if your home country doesn’t have a local auto industry, then just whatever was well outside of the norm back then.

The ’04 Camry above, although significantly more “American” than plenty of what we’d call American cars, would be considered foreign for these here purposes to anyone living anywhere but Japan.  The brand’s origin is what matters in this QOTD, not place of manufacture.  (I’ve really just needed a place for the last two years to share this ghastly picture, it has no other significance.)