QOTD: What Was the First Vehicle You Ever Drove?

1970 Ford Pickup-01

We’ve all had our first time behind the wheel.  Filled with trepidation, excitement, and nervousness, it is one of those firsts in life that we will always remember.

I was about nine or ten.  Working in the yard, my father told me to move the pickup forward a few feet.  After dropping the clutch and peeling off half of some shrub of my mother’s, I got a more complete lesson driving around the nearby cemetery later that day.

The pickup was a 1970 Ford F-100 my father had purchased new with the 240 cubic inch straight six, three-speed manual, and am radio.  That was it.

Despite my impressionable age, I have never seen a pickup as eager to be overworked as that old pickup was.

1970 Ford Pickup-03

The yellow F-100 at the bottom of this ad is identical in color and trim.

He kept it until 1985.  The tin worm had set in and the body supports gave way, putting the transmission linkage in a bind.  Stuffing a few 2×4’s under the body, we went to trade it off for a very lightly used 1984 F-150.

So our question:  Whether you were of age or not, what was the first vehicle you ever drove?