QOTD: What Was The Most Oddly Equipped Car You Have Seen?


Seeing Keith Thelen’s Dodge Monaco recently, and how it was equipped with a six-cylinder engine, made me start thinking of unusually equipped cars.  But it hardly stops there, at least for this era of Dodge.

1977 Dodge Monaco-12

One could obtain their ’77 and ’78 Dodge Monaco with a three-speed, column shifted manual transmission.  Maybe this in and of itself shouldn’t be a surprise.  What did capture my intrigue is that the top trim level Monaco Brougham was available with said column shift – there was no transmission upgrade accompanying the upgraded trim.  This doesn’t exactly mesh with the perception that anything “Brougham” was automatically loaded to the gills with equipment.

Chevrolet did have a three-speed as standard equipment on 250 cid powered Chevelle’s in 1977; Ford had automatics only on their LTD II that year.

Did Chrysler build any this way?  Who knows.  However, it did prompt me to think larger, thus our question.  In whatever combination of equipment, what was the most oddly equipped car you have seen?