QOTD: What Was Your Driver’s Education Car?


Perhaps my earlier post about using this Cadillac as a driver’s education car was part whimsical fantasy combined with a heaping helping of organic fertilizer.  But most of you figured that out rather quickly.

Credit for this question must be given to CharlieD612 from his suggestion in the other post.  So here it is:  What was your driver’s education car?

My school had a deal with a Ford-Buick dealer, quite the dynamic contrast of brands in the late 1980s.  Located over an hour away in Perryville, Missouri, this dealer coughed up a new car every 2,000 miles.  We went through four of them during the school year when I was in driver’s education.

1988 Buick Full Line-22-23

I missed out on the Buick Century.  I also seem to remember a J-body Buick in there, too.

1988 Ford Full-03 - Version 2

As I was one of the youngest ones in my class, I had wheel time toward the end of the year.  The first car I navigated was a white Ford Taurus.  Equipped with a red interior and a 3.0 V6, I only drove that car once.

1988 Ford Full-06

Upon the Taurus going away, and the dealer likely not liking the rate at which the school was accumulating mileage, we got a tan 1988 Ford Escort.  I still cringe when I think of that car.

So, what about you?