QOTD: What’s the Most Embarrassing Way You’ve Totaled a Vehicle?

Every Spring here in the Middle West, us farmers burn our ditches, fencelines and waterways (ersosion-control grassy areas in-between fields) to clear out the dead material from Winter and hopefully kill off a few weeds in the process. Every now and then, things get a little out of hand – we nearly burned our 100 year-old wooden hay barn down one year for example. This year’s excitement was provided by a good friend who didn’t notice the fire had run down the lane where he parked his truck. He was actually able to crank and move it a little before things got too hot in the cab for him to stick around.

He said the whole town heard it when the fuel tank in the bed (for refueling his tractor) exploded…

Thankfully I’ve never actually totaled a vehicle, although I’ve definitely had some ID10T moments. One in particular involved roll-starting my ’64 Beetle in reverse, when I tripped with one leg hung up in the door and got dragged 50 feet across a gravel driveway where the car stopped against a tree just before plunging down an embankment. My guess is that you all might have some stories to confess tell, too.