QOTD: What’s The Most Ridiculous Modification You’ve Ever Seen?

chevrolet aveo super bee

A few years back in Brisbane – I believe it was after the frangipani window sticker craze ended, but before people started putting the stick-figure families on their cars – it was very popular to see subcompacts bedecked with tape stripes. Now, I’m not talking about actual hot hatches like the Volkswagen Polo GTi or Ford Fiesta XR4. Instead, dual racing stripes were affixed to base model Holden Barinas (Chevy Aveos) and Toyota Yaris hatches and sedans. These additions were popular with young, female buyers, one of the key demographics of such entry-level cars.

It always seemed a little silly but each to their own. I was reminded of this defunct trend when I saw Eric Clem’s photo while browsing the Cohort. Not only is it a tad daft to put racy tape stripes on a humdrum Aveo sedan, but affixing those of one of the Chrysler Corporation’s most famous muscle cars on a GM product screams sacrilege. Why not some SS stripes instead? It would make more sense and, besides, Chevy already stuck the SS name on products very nearly as undeserving…

What’s the most baffling, amusing, inappropriate or most foolish car modification you have seen?