QOTD: What’s The Strangest Car Commercial You’ve Seen?

Car commercials come in all sorts of varieties, with typical ones often emphasizing a characteristic such as speed, power, luxury, handling, fuel efficiency, space, or fun-to-drive nature, whether or not the subject car actually possesses any of these qualities. But every once in a while there comes along a car commercial that’s just plain weird.

Last year’s Lincoln MKC commercial with Matthew McConaughey certainly tipped the scales towards the strange end of the spectrum. In fact, I think that Ellen’s spoof of it actually makes more sense.

Another one that has always stood out in my mind is this 2002 Chrysler Concorde commercial. It’s just plain gross. No child wants to picture his or her parents having sex, let alone in the back seat of the family car. There’s plenty of other weird ones out there, so let’s hear your’s.