QOTD: What’s Wrong With This Picture? What Other Assembly Line Glitches Have You Seen?


Buick 1968 le sabre badge

I almost missed the assembly line oops while appraising this 1968 Buick LeSabre 400 this summer. The second owner noticed it not long after he bought the car from the original owner in rural Saskatchewan.

Buick 1968 le sabre hood

Only 14,922 LeSabre 400 two door hardtops left the factory during the 68 model year. Whoever was putting the trim and badging on the body of this car must have been distracted. Perhaps by a co-worker nearby? Or maybe deep in thought about the upcoming weekend? I’m surprised this slipped through the person doing quality control. Assuming somebody was assigned that task at the end of the assembly line. Obviously the small town Saskatchewan Pontiac-Buick dealer never noticed either.

Buick 1968 le sabre trunk

This faux pas reminds me of the Acadian I saw parked on a dealer lot in the early eighties in Prince George, BC. Stepping around to the right side of the car the name plate said Chevette. So I walked back to the left side and sure enough, the word Acadian was on the left fender.

And what assembly line glitch do you remember seeing on four wheels?