QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Car Key?

Recently I ran across an old Infiniti key that’s been in my drawer for a while, it’s either from an old Q45 or an I30, but it’s the same as the one I used to use every day in my 1993 Infiniti G20.  Keys are the first point of contact when getting ready to use a car and these days with remotes and completely keyless systems I think some of the magic is gone.  Or replaced by real magic, I suppose.  Several of our current vehicles have keyless entry and I do like the convenience of never having to take the key(fob) out of my pocket to get in, start the car, and go.  However, it’s also a bit clinical with very little human/mechanical interaction, sort of robotic if you will and with zero charm.

If your car has a key that you like to use, then it can help to start the journey off on the right foot.  I’ve used this particular key without a car as a paperweight, as a toy to touch and play with while I’m in front of the laptop trying to think of the right word to insert into a post or just to look at.  But there are several specific things about this key that make me like it so much.

First, it is extremely heavy for a key; it’s a solid chunk of metal and on my postal scale registers at just over one and a half ounces.  A few other random keys I have around are all less than an ounce, some around half an ounce.  This heft provides a very welcome feeling of solidity.  Second, the shape of it is perfect for using it to twist the engine to life as the head where your fingers grip it is subtly concave and the logo area provides traction.  And my last reason for it being my favorite is that it is actually a piece of art, just look at how it doesn’t just have the logo and logotype on it but also incorporates a whimsical design around the perimeter of the head.  They didn’t have to do that.  But they did, and the key is all the better for it.

So how do you feel about your key?  Do you like it, hate it, just live with it, or have never thought about it?  And if you do have a memorable one, which one was/is it?