QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Generation Of Toyota Celica?

I’d been slowly amassing photos of each of the seven generations of Toyota Celica in Brisbane when I finally completed my collection. With today’s article on the seventh-generation Celica, I thought it was fitting to pose this question to my fellow Curbivores: what’s your favorite generation of Celica?

Is it the original? The Carina-derived first-generation married Toyota dependability with sleek, curvaceous styling, although the fastback was a bit of a Mustang knockoff.

Maybe you prefer the second-generation? It was longer and wider, and did spawn the first Supra (and the first Camry, although that was JDM-only).

The third generation was the last generation with rear-wheel-drive. I love this generation of notchback, and I would even say it’s the best-looking of all the Celica notchbacks. Good luck finding one in Australia, though–the hatchback Celicas were always more popular after the first-generation.

The fourth-generation switched to front-wheel-drive but was regarded by many as being the best-handling Celica yet. This generation also saw the introduction of the turbocharged, four-wheel-drive GT-Four (also known as the All-Trac).

The fifth-generation was a bit softer, dynamically and aesthetically, although the wild GT-Four was still offered.

The sixth-generation felt like more of the same, and this is when Celica sales started to really plummet.

Finally, the Celica line ended with the seventh-generation model. It was smaller, sharper, cheaper and the most fun-to-drive Celica since the old GT-Four models.

So, tell me: what’s your favorite generation of Celica? My pick would be the fourth-generation.