QOTD: Which Car Did You Want Your Parents To Get When You Were A Child?

It’s no secret that I’ve possessed a sizable affinity for the third generation (1996-2000) NS Chrysler minivans ever since they debuted when I was a very small child. To the very young me, there was just so much I found cool about the, from their vast array of models and trim levels to their highly configurable interiors, numerous thoughtful convenience features, and their good looks that I was in pure awe over.


My aunt owned a 1999 base model Grand Voyager (having previously owned a ’95), and I always wanted my mom to get one too, preferably a high-trim Grand Caravan or Town and Country. The dream would have been if Mom came home with a Town and Country Limited some day, but alas, my too-cool Mom wasn’t ever to be caught dead driving a minivan.

She preferred her 1994 Grand Cherokee, and despite my advocating, traded it in for her second one in 1999, not even taking a glance at the beautiful black Town and Country Limited parked next to it in the showroom. I guess my car sales skills were still a few years off. In hindsight, I can’t imagine my mom ever driving a minivan, as it doesn’t fit her image.

Of course, as I grew older, the cars I wanted Mom to get grew decidedly more upscale and driver-oriented, yet even to this day, that unfulfilled childhood desire still exists. When you were a young child, was there a car that you wanted your mom or dad to get? Did they get it?