QOTD: Which Technical Advance Can You Live Without?


There have been many technical advances based on electronics applied to cars over the last thirty or more years. Some are central to modern safety, such as anti-lock brakes and stability controls, some to fuel economy and emission control and some to user convenience, such as Bluetooth, parking assistance systems and keyless entry and start systems.

And this is one of personal bête-noires. Trust me, I’ve tried keyless entry and start, not on my own car but on some rental cars, and I don’t get it. You still can’t drive without having the key in your possession, and then when you’re driving, what do you do with it? Put it in your pocket and sit on it? Leave it in your jacket or bag, and walk away from an unlocked car? Keep wondering where it is? If you hold the key in your pocket and someone else is driving, who really has control, Captain?

Given modern remote central locking systems, opening the car with a click of the plip is not difficult; the fashion for folding or block keys reduces the sharp object damage to pockets and bags, and there’s somewhere definite to put it. It’s called an ignition barrel and it seems to work pretty after all these years.

So, keyless entry and go gets my “Thanks but no thanks vote”.

QOTD then is “Which modern electronic aid gets your no vote?”