QOTD: Will There Ever Be An eCC?


I was walking to the deli in the office building next to mine (actually it’s a sushi/teriyaki shop: this is California!) when I saw a sporty – dare I say sexy – gold shape out of the corner of my eye. Here in the north San Diego suburbs, Jags and even Maseratis are not uncommon, but that’s not what this was.


It was an actual, honest to goodness Fisker Karma, the only one I’ve ever seen. Only about 2400 Karmas were built in 2011 and 2012 before Fisker went bankrupt. A Chinese company bought them and claims that they will reintroduce the Karma in 2015. We’ll see; I have my doubts. But it made me wonder, will the Karma ever be a Classic? Will any electric car?


Solar panels – presumably for ventilation, not motivation.


I do see a few possible eCC’s every day in my office parking lot. This is after all coastal Southern California, the land of Conspicuous Conservation™. No surprise, there are Priuses (Prii?) of all types, from a 1st generation sedan to several more recent hatches and even a Prius V wagon. They’re so common here (best selling car in California) that I didn’t even think to take a picture.

Slightly more interesting than the Priuses is the resident pair of Volts. (As American-brand cars, they’d be unusual here even if they weren’t (usually) series hybrids.)


Volt 1 – white


Volt 2 – silver. Interesting cars, boring colors. Wish thay had more than four seats though.


There’s a BMW i3 electric, which looks a bit odd to me (though it’s pretty normal looking in comparison to the similarly-sized Nissan Leaf).


Not **quite** as strange as a Leaf


Conceptually closer to the Fisker is the much more successful Tesla. Judging by how many I see every day, Tesla may actually be successful.


But I’m still not sure which one will be a CC. What do you think?