CC Outtake: UKC – Unidentified Kit Car

The 1970s were a glorious time for kit car manufacturers. Back then, and in fact going back to the ’50s, magazines like Mechanix Illustrated published many articles on how to build your own sports car. In those more mechanically inclined days, many weekend warriors decided to do just that. The end result of all of it was a number of kit car manufacturers coming out of the woodwork, and twice as many half-completed kit cars in suburban garages. This one beat the odds and appears to be a functioning vehicle. But what is it?

[ED: We now know what it is! Read on…]

It seems like 3/4ths of kit cars were either Bradley GTs or MG TD replicas, all VW powered, but I haven’t seen one of these before. Granted, many of these companies were not volume producers. My first thought was it was perhaps Pinto based, judging from the Ford truck wheel covers and Pinto/Maverick taillights. The door handles, however, appear to be GM. And that rear exhaust appears to be VW doesn’t it? (thanks Paul!) It has a really narrow track too. Just look at those fender flares, they’re a good six inches past the tires!

At any rate, I just don’t know what this thing is. So I’m turning it over to you, the CC Commentariat. Ever seen one of these? I’d love to identify it.


UPDATE: Well, the CC Commentariat Corps is most impressive – and speedy! roger628 identified this car as an early ’70s Fiberfab Jamaican. With that bit of information, I ran across a very nice one featured (shown above, before restoration) on, detailing a restoration of one riding on an MGA chassis. Full details of that car are here. I must say, it looks quite nice with those MG wire wheels!