Curbside Question: Does Your New Car Remind You of an Old Car? Or, What Would Your Driveway Look Like in 1973?

9353 Ford-crop-vert

I’ll admit it – I am a mite prone to daydreaming.  One of my more frequent stops on the woolgathering express is to ask myself what might I be driving if I had that blasted time machine working.  Some cars are easy:  my 1993 Crown Victoria neatly translates into almost any year of big Ford.  If we pick, say, 1973 (good grief, was it really forty years ago?), then I would have a 20 year old 1953 Ford sedan out in the drive.   Cool – the last flathead V8.  Probably a maroon top of the line Customline with an automatic.  I wish I would have had one of those to drive to high school.  Other cars do not translate so well.


Those reading here for awhile will recall that not quite two years ago, I bought my first new car in quite awhile – a 2012 Kia Sedona.  You couldn’t get a Kia in 1973, so my daydreaming turns into more of an exercise session.  Let’s pretend this is good for me.  OK, what do we have – a competent wagon.  Fairly dull, and not really very popular at all.  It is not what you buy if you are trying to impress people.  And, it has a great warranty.  BINGO – if we are still doing 1973, the Mrs. is driving around in a gray 72 AMC Matador wagon.  With either a 360 or a 401, because my Kia really hauls.  But no woodgrain – would that equate to power rear doors today?  Mine is without.


The longer I think about this, the parallel is almost perfect.  They are virtually invisible, many people don’t even know what they are, and while nice, the interior is quite uninspired.  Yes, I’m sticking with the Matador.  The taillights are even the same shape!


So, how about you?  If we stick with 1973, how would your current car translate back.  For example, a 2010 is 3 years old, so it would be a 1970 model for this daydream.  And if you get really stumped, you don’t have to stick with my arbitrary 1973 choice.  If there is a car of another era that makes you wonder if your current wheels have been reinCARnated, go for it.