QOTD: Black Mustang and Blue Ridge: Road Trip Suggestions?

It’s not just because both Jim Klein and JP Cavanaugh have recently rid themselves of fun vehicles, but I have made a deal to purchase my own fun car.

Sorry, this is the only (tiny) photo I have of it.  2007 Mustang convertible, V6-5speed.  It’s a Pony Package car, which according to Retro-Stang Rick means that in addition to the foglights it also has GT suspension, so it’s more or less a GT without the V8.  This was an important consideration, because I have two teenage drivers and the V8 set off too many alarm bells at the insurance company.

Now you may ask, “Doesn’t DougD already have the famous Detroit travelling 1963 Volkswagen Bug, isn’t that fun enough?”  Well, yes that is true, but I’ve decided to try and be a bit more like Peter Egan and buy a specific car for a specific road trip.  My father JackD finally got his knees replaced a year ago, and now finds himself in better health than he’s been in years.  Sadly he also finds himself without a travel partner, because Mom passed away in the spring.

Mom and Dad always enjoyed a trip to Myrtle Beach in the fall, so I thought this year Dad and I could go together.  Now, I’m 52 years old (which is bad enough) and Dad’s 81.  I don’t have three or four weeks of vacation available to lounge about seaside, so I thought if we’re going to do this we should make the trip itself more interesting.  So we need an interesting car, and a side trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I prepped Dad by giving him my copy of Peter Egan’s At Large and having him read the story about doing the Blue Ridge Parkway in a Black Austin Healey.  Then I suggested that a ten year old Mustang convertible might be more reliable and have better weather protection.

So here’s my Plan A for the route.  We leave from Dad’s place in Grimsby, Ontario and:

  • Take 2 days to get down to Virginia, joining the Blue Ridge Parkway near Fancy Gap
  • Travel down the BRP the following day to Asheville
  • Day 4 visit the highest point on the Parkway, then head downhill to Myrtle Beach
  • Spend 3 days in MB
  • 2 days of highway droning to get home

The plan isn’t 100% for sure, I have the 2nd week of October booked off work but I don’t have the car yet.  Hopefully our health and the weather will be good at that time, I’ve tried to limit driving to about 5 hours per day since we don’t want to make it a gruelling ordeal.

So here’s the part where I need some suggestions, some of my goals for the trip are to:

  • Tour a distillery
  • Hear some Bluegrass music
  • Play 9 holes of par 3 golf

So if you have suggestions for routes, hotels, restaurants, museums, distilleries, bourbons, golf courses, walking trails, lookouts, whatever.  I’m really hoping this all pans out, and maybe we can get a couple of CC articles out of it.  Thanks in advance!