QOTD: Identify this “Car”

My brother Andy and I are regular attendees at the Fall AACA meet in Hershey, PA. While we are walking around, one of our favorite pastimes is trying to find the biggest basket case in the flea market. This vehicle (OK, frame) I found near the car corral in 2015 takes the cake (or at least what is left of the cake).

One could argue (legitimately) that it is not even a car any more. But since the seller purports to have a VIN, whatever it is that you are buying could theoretically be titled. Therefore we decided to declare it the winner for that year.

$1500, but for what?

While it was good for a chuckle at the time, I later got to wondering exactly what kind of car one was buying? Realistically, what you are in actuality buying a VIN that you could use to title your modern hot rod to a pre-smog check model year. But model year what?

I’m guessing from the narrow ladder type frame that we might be dealing with something from the 1930’s, but that is just a guess.

So put your sleuthing hat on, fellow CCer’s. Who can solve the mystery of the missing car? Click through to the full-sized image if you want to inspect the frame more closely.