QOTD: Striped Javelins–What’s Your Preference?

9-14-13 025

While AMC’s version of the Mustang may not exactly resemble a flying, pointed, aerodynamic projectile, some of them could accelerate rapidly and look pretty sporting to boot.  Unlike the Mustang and its many iterations, there were only two basic Javelin styles.

9-14-13 022

The first-generation Javelin spanned the 1968-1970 model years, and could be awfully patriotic.  Of course, the AMX rode the Javelin platform, with a healthy notch cut from the middle.  Being the first, is this Javelin the purest form of the design?

9-14-13 023

Or is the second generation more seductive?  Dick Teague, AMC’s well-known design chief, obviously admired the C3 Corvettes of the era, and wanted one he could call AMC’s own.  Although the Javelin’s platform remained roughly the same, the look was completely different, and lasted from 1971-1974, when the Javelin was canceled.

9-22-13 026

So which Javelin do you prefer?