Rampside Outtake: LAX, 1968

B 707 -399C-G-AVKA-LAX-06-04-68-Bob-Proctor-860x529

I’m working on a longish post, which involves the main competitor to this Boeing 707. But in my research, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of vintage pictures from LAX through the years, and I just had to share this one because of the cars in front of it. This was taken at the West Imperial Terminal, very familiar to me from the 70s, when we used to fly World Airways DC-10s regularly to the East Coast and Europe from there. This was taken on June 4, 1968. Not a lot of cars, but it’s a particularly eclectic bunch; no less then three out of seven are imports, and the domestics are not exactly the typical family sedans, Olds Cutlass coupe excepted. . But then this is LA.