Automotive Curiosities Of North Texas: End Of Summer 2019


This year has been incredible. Full of ups and downs, joy and sadness, love and regret. This summer in particular has seen some very significant events. Among them I would say has been the sheer number of classic cars I’ve had the chance to document. I remember where I was when I saw each and every one.

The Vega and the Belvedere for example were seen on my first date with my girlfriend. She patiently waited while I took pictures and rattled off facts about them. I guess it was meant to be after all…

This little S-10 was seen the next morning when she and I went to get donuts at the oldest Shipley’s I had ever seen.

She must have a special power to attract old cars to her, because recently I got to see this great Malibu parked outside a store we were driving to.

I love to drive around my town on the weekends to see if I can find yard sales and upon getting lost, went down a street with quite a few interesting subjects such as this Colonnade era El Camino…

…and another El Camino that shares both my body style and paint colors! Isn’t it crazy how when you get a new car, you start seeing your same model everywhere? There are no less than four 5th Gen Elkys in my neighborhood alone!

Looking at the back part of this, I can only guess it was a custom job someone did to turn a Cherokee two door Wagoneer into a Gladiator. Looks pretty cool!

This old battleship had just pulled out of port O’Reilly and into the swelling sea of traffic. I only managed to get a quick picture as the skipper of the vessel left me in his wake.

Bring out the vaporwave music, because this is the cleanest Geo Tracker I have ever seen. I passed it on my traditional late evening walk, and knew I had to get a picture before someone snapped up this little gem.

Lastly, I eat at the diner in the background of this picture every weekend, and was surprised to see this K-car mingling with the crossovers and trucks so common to Texas.

Don’t you just love script badges? I want to replace the OEM badges on my El Camino with older script ones at some point. I recently changed the spark plugs, wires, and distributor on Lily and now need to work on getting the timing correct on the engine. Hopefully I’ll have an update on her soon!