CC Hosts A Trunk Show

Imagine my surprise when driving through the inner suburbs of my city to see this sight.  In all of my years I have never seen a single trunk lid decorating someone’s front lawn, not to mention an entire multicolored assortment.

What is the purpose?  The ability of the owner to brag about a house with four separate decks?  Or are we looking at two mismatched pairs of boots?  There is surely no attempt to keep a lid  on things, with these on display for all to see.  Actually, I suspect that they may be for sale as this house always seems to have something unusual for sale in the front yard.

A little looking leads me to believe that these fit a Chevy Cavalier – a curious choice for the serious collector of sheetmetal parts.  Well at least we are able to bring a little color (if not much variety) to your day.