Drive Thru Classic: A Real Chick-Fil-A

One day last week, my son Jimmy and I went to lunch at a place known for its chicken sandwiches.  We sat in a booth with a good view of the drive-thru line.  It was a busy day at the restaurant, and the line of cars was long.

It is fun watching cars go through a drive thru.  They move slowly enough that you can take them in.  Its also funny how most people look like they belong in their cars.  Normal looking moms in minvans, and the cars with the most bumper stickers tend to have the girls with the spikiest and most colorful hair.  And the guy in the weird sunglasses trying to look cool in a Mitsubish sedan.  But then . . . woah!

Suddenly, idling along amidst a sea of gray minivans and white SUVs was one of my favorite cars ever, a Ford Model A roadster.  I didn’t get a good look at the front, but I believe it to be a 1930, though it could easily be a ’31.  The sidemount spare and the accessory trunk make this one pretty well accessorized.  I am quite sure that I have never seen a Ford Model A going through a fast food drive thru.  Until now.

A sunny summer day, a cruise in a Model A and a delicious chicken sandwich – what a great life.  I just hope he didn’t get a large drink, because I used to own one of these and can tell you that there is a distinct shortage of cupholders.