Through the JPC Windshield: A Trip to La Porte

I recently had occasion to drive to La Porte, Indiana.  It is about a two and a half hour drive, and is much closer to Chicago than it is to Indianapolis.  To get there and back is to drive through a lot of northern rural and small town Indiana.  Even in January, there are some interesting things to see.  The 1958 Oldsmobile (here) was chief among them, but there were some other interesting finds as well.  Like this 1970 Cutlass.  A pretty solid car to be in a junkyard.

Don’t ask for any shots from inside the junkyard, because it appears to be closed.   For good.  But on the way back to the main road, I caught a glimpse of an early Blazer with the removable roof.

Not all of the cars were in the junkyard.  Someone takes care of a Mark VIII.  I do not remember these as two tones, but maybe my memory is getting foggy.

Once upon a time, Travelalls were seen in the wild in Indiana with some frequency.  Not any more, which makes this one parked outside of a house in Walkerton a rare sight.  As I drove around the block to get a better shot of the Travelall, I got another surprise . . .

a Binder pickup.  Or, “The Other Pickup” as they used to call it in the ads.  It looks mighty nice for a truck that plainly lives outside.  I realize that it takes me a three hour drive to find as many cars as Paul Niedermeyer can find on a twenty minute walk in Eugene, but we will just have to make do.

Big rims on a Donk are evidently not just a big city phenomenon.  Maybe there is something about these cars that issues a universal call for 22s.  Not that I can think of a better use for a ’72 Impala sedan.  I did not really like that color on my mother’s ’72 Cutlass, and it hasn’t grown on me all that much in the last forty years.

A nice straight ’68 Torino is always a treat.  I could not get close enough to this one to tell whether it’s really a Torino, or whether the hood with the scoops is gracing Grandma’s six cylinder Fairlane.  But it looks pretty nice and straight, either way.

And if all this has worn you out, there is even a place to stay.  Is this where you hide out if you can’t keep your hands off another man’s Chevy?