Reader’s Rides: 1956 Diamond T 356 – A Really Big Pickup


(CC Reader Steve Earl sent this in) My project truck is a ’56 Diamond T Series 536. This series was a ‘fire truck’ using this cab and chassis, beginning in 1950 and ending sometime about 1957. This is truck number 15 in the series and was equipped with a pump out front and duals in the rear with a simple tank. It has 23k original miles and has a International Red Diamond 450 CID straight six gasoline engine.

Body metal and cab in amazingly good, rust free condition. Tank and pump removed and the original steel bed was narrowed and shortened. This is a BIG truck– wheels are 20″– we did single wheel in the rear by flipping the inside portion of the wheel. Left it for the summer while working out of town, so really looking forward to finishing it up. Its likely unique– we used the famous 1949 REO Speedwagon pickup (CC here) as the role model for this. The Diamond T register has no other Series 536 listed– I do know of one fully equipped fire truck done in the same series. Butterfly hood with all original louvers top and sides. More later when I get back to work on it– soon!
Diamond T CC here