Red Light Outtake: Lincolns Of Different Decades


After riding behind this stunning Lincoln Mark III for several miles, I whipped out my iPhone to snap a picture. As I was doing this, a white 1998-2002 Town Car pulled up right beside it – A perfect comparison! It really takes a late ’90s Panther to realize the sheer size that full-size cars were in the early ’70s.

It also makes a nice comparison for Lincoln’s styling in the early ’70s versus the late ’90s. I much prefer the razor-sharp, muscular styling of the Mark III to the melted blob look of the Town Car. These Town Cars were such disappointments compared to the stately 1990-1997 generation.

I would’ve liked to have seen the front of the black Connie, but with the help of its 460 cu in V8, it darted to well over the 40mph speed limit on a road that the Hingham Police monitor like a mother lioness protecting her cubs.