QOTD: What’s In Your Cupholder?

As we are driving to California for the holidays with the in-laws while including a slight detour to the Grand Canyon this year, Thurday’s chores included getting our ride washed as well as making it ready for the trip in general.  Of course that meant actually emptying the cupholders so they can be used to actually hold cups of drinks along the way.  Americans love their cupholders, the more the merrier.  The set closest to me tends to fill up with all kinds of stuff as they make perfect storage nooks, so I decided to take a look at what I actually use them for instead of holding drinks.

This particular vehicle actually has four in the front, two of them are usually as shown above, then I use one of the other spaces (that pop out of the dash) to hold my phone and then the last one for my own drinks.  The doors also have bottle holders and then the back has a couple of cupholders as well, all of those are usually empty.  But this is the main set, so without further ado, here we go!

The first (and by far most gear-heady) item is some J-B Weld.  I actually used it in this vehicle a couple of months ago when I grabbed the grab handle to get in and must have been way too manly for it, as the whole handle pulled its mounting tabs through the A-pillar trim with its screws still attached and I almost (almost!) fell on my ass.

A dollop of J-B Weld has cured it (it looks perfect!) and while I still use the grab handle, I try not to put all of my weight on it and have perfected a new routine to mount my steed involving the steering wheel instead.  At the time I was either too lazy to put the J-B Weld back in the toolbox or figured maybe it’d come in handy again soon.  But most likely just lazy.  For those of you not familiar with the brand, i.e. our overseas viewers, it’s more or less a two-part epoxy that works miracles.  Mix a dollop of the red tube with a dollop from the black tube, and Bob’s your uncle.

My “spare” pair of sunglasses, polarized, no particular brand.  Actually they have a “Vans” logo so one of my kids probably got them for me at some point.  Usually I use a similar style but tortoise-shell-look version from SunCloud but since those are starting to get scratched may start using these as my main set.  Sunglasses always seem to fit in cupholders, it’s almost like you can toss them in from outside of the car and they just always drop right into place.

A plumbing tee I picked up at Lowe’s a month or so ago that I need to install in my going-on-way-too-long project house in Laramie to finish installing the dishwasher by teeing off the existing supply line to the sink faucet.  I’ve been up there several times since buying this and apparently keep forgetting about it.  I need to move this to a more noticeable spot, obviously.

The cigarette lighter which I took out of the dash on day one and replaced it with a power port to charge the phone.  This I now dropped into the center console bin where it will likely stay forever since I have no need for it otherwise.

A pen from Nissan!  This I received either when I was invited to check out the new Nissan Titan or the new Nissan Leaf, either way it writes excellently (on paper or on my hand) and it’s always handy to have a pen within reach.  This now also moved into the center console bin but will surely end up back in the cupholder quite soon.

Somehow I always end up stuffing various receipts into my cupholders until I have a large wad of them and then they get put in the various bookkeeping piles on my desk. Eventually these piles make it to MYOB Bookkeeping Services where they take care of everything. Here is one from Lowe’s, another from Ace in Laramie, one from our local soil/garden/green waste place and another from the City of Laramie.

An accessory key, the other one is on my keychain, but by having it in the cupholder I know exactly where it is, or so the thinking goes.  It’s also now in the center console bin but may require more digging when I need it.

And last but not least, of course some trash.  In this case a wrapper from a lollipop from my local bank.  They have bouquets of them so I usually grab a handful.  I’m good about taking the sticks with me and disposing of them as I eat them, but the wrappers for some reason stay around.

And we are good to go!  Just a quick wipe down to remove the dust and this cupholder is all ready to hold anything from a 12oz can of soda to my Grande Bold Drip with a little bit of room from Starbucks that I’ll pick up at 7am to a 44oz Sweet Tea from wherever we stop at lunch along with whatever the person in the passenger seat wants.  So, what’s in your cupholder?