CC Feature/QOTD: Would You Drive A Beater Miata From Boston To LA?

It’s one thing to drive a beater close to home, but would you risk driving one across the entire continental United States from coast to coast? Our own David Saunders has shared his own Great Beater Challenge experiences before, but how about doing so through snow, oppressive heat, and torrential rain in a 150,000 plus mile, soft top Mazda MX5 Miata?

Last spring, my own good friends, Tom, Maddox, and David, did just that in the Miata that Maddox had bought for $1,400, using his 2014 Audi A4 as the support vehicle for the journey. If you have the time, I urge you to check out the entire day-by-day series of the journey on Tom’s YouTube channel, Tedward, along with many of his other driving impressions/reviews. On a related note, he recently filmed a POV video from behind the wheel of my latest edition, featured on his channel as well as Winding Road Magazine, if you care to get a taste of it before I write up a full article on it.