CC Roadtrip: Getting Across The Country – Planes, Plain and Simple

Somewhere over Canada

Canada’s pretty big – it’s amazing how big it is, especially after flying over it yesterday.  It’s amazing to me that one can go on the Internet, and with a few button pushes later, get a set of tickets to get across the country in one day. Especially when it will take well over a week to return by car, whatever that will end up being.

 The night before I left we had gotten a little bit of snow.  Typical of early springs the past few years in Cape Breton, we had a nice 10 degree Celsius day Sunday, then the temperature dropped quickly below freezing and it started snowing.  It left an icy mess the next morning.

Cruddy April Snow...Not entirely sad to leave the snow at home…

However, the flights were still on time.  I made my way out to the airport for check in at 12 PM Atlantic time, and proceeded to wait the hour and a half for the flight to leave.  The first leg of my trip was on  a de Havilland Dash-8 100 series. They perform yeoman service in the Maritimes and elsewhere, running between the smaller airports in the region.It seemed to be well maintained, with the interior well kept and modernized.

The first planeTaxiing into Sydney

The flight into Halifax is only about an hour from start to finish.  In a car, it’s about 4 hours and 15 minutes. There was a bit of turbulence coming in for the landing, and we made it with no real drama.  I was in for a surprise when I looked at my tickets – they did not have the gate numbers printed on them.  Looking at the flight status monitor in the terminal filled me in, and I made it to the gate and the hour layover for the flight to Ottawa.

E190Boarding the E190

For this flight, we travelled on an Embraer E190.  It was larger than the Dash 8, but didn’t seem to be any larger for seating comfort.  This flight took about an hour and forty minutes, and we landed without incident.

There was very little time to get to my next flight – Ottawa to Vancouver.  The last part of the trip was on an Airbus 320, bigger again than the E190, but the aisles were quite narrow.  I settled in and watched a few movies on the inflight entertainment system.  The skies were hazy and clouded, and I couldn’t get a good view of much of anything.

Upon landing in Vancouver at 8 PM Pacific , I grabbed my bags and made for the hotel shuttle.  I got settled in and managed a few hours sleep.  It was about 12 hours of travelling time, plus an hour on each end for travel to and from airports.  The total flight distance was 4817 KM.Spring blooms lighten the soul

Contrast this with the picture at home above

It’s nice to see spring under way.  After a long winter, it’s just nice to see everything in bloom.  We won’t see this for another month and a half back in Cape Breton.  Now the task is to grab my father and father-in-law at the airport, and start looking for a car.  Stay tuned…