Curbside Update: Wolfie’s Rocky Romp 2022



One of the many great things about living in Vancouver, British Columbia, is our proximity to nature. From 1990-1993, I taught school in a small town called Invermere, British Columbia. It was then that I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the Rockies are just one of a series of mountain ranges. In my opinion, the jewel of the area is not Banff or Jasper: it’s Radium Hot Springs and Kootenay National Park.

This was the first trip since I had the APR Performance tune added to Wolfie and it really transformed how he drives. Before APR, Wolfie would accelerate really well up to 80 km/h and then kind of crap out. Not now! The high speed acceleration is breathtaking. The car only weighs 1400 kg and has 240 HP @ 5250 RPM and 283 lb/ft of torque at 2400 RPM. That torque peak is at exactly 120 km/h, so shifting is optional. There is absolutely no reason to rev the EA888 high. Yes, it will rev all the way to 7000 RPM but it won’t make any more power.

This was also the first long trip for Lola the Big White Dog, who adopted us in November of 2022. She was a very good girl in the car, too! She and Bagel just slept while we drove.

The drive there was an absolute blast! For whatever reason there was very little traffic the day we travelled. I caned Wolfie the entire way and didn’t see a single cop. It was one of those special, drive of a lifetime, events. The APR tune not only gives the car about 1.44 shit-tons of scoot, it also seems to have improved fuel consumption. Previous trips were about 5.6 L/100 km. This trip was 5.2L/100 km. Considering how fast I was going, this is pretty superb.

Then there are hot springs. This one is Lussier Hot Springs. It was completely natural the last time we were there, but increasing traffic has made for some man made “improvements.” It’s 50 km in on the logging road, so it is mostly “cool” people who make the trip. The average 58 year old 120 kg Canadian probably couldn’t walk back up the hill.

Lola is a very sociable girl. She loves making new friends. Actually, it’s a no dogs allowed kind of place. Fortunately, hip people don’t care much about such rules.

While Annie and I were soaking in the pool, we let Bagel the Wonderdog just do her thing. Well, true to Bagel, she found the best place for comfort, relaxation and “Oh, she’s so cute!” reactions.

So far I haven’t discussed Wolfie that much. I’ve now had him for four years and in that time, I have really grown to love him. Wolfie is extremely versatile. He can haul stuff, has enough room for the family, is cheap to run and he goes like stink to boot. In the city, the APR tune is useful for torquey driving. For example, from 20 km/h-60 km/h in second gear happens in the blink of an eye with very little accelerator input. Where I had to gear down to go up the Great Bear Hill on the Coquihalla Highway in the past, Wolfie will now just storm up in fifth gear. When I bought Wolfie, I was warned by all asunder how he’d self-destruct even before the warranty was up. Well, in four years, there hasn’t been a single warranty issue. What are some things that need to be revised? Well, the heater blend-air control is too small to see easily and lacks detents. That’s it and I am super-picky. I couldn’t live without Android Auto now that I am used to it, too.

Rocky romps are always a load of fun and this year was exceptional. There was not a lot of traffic going, but plenty coming back. Lola did really well, although Bagel has to be carried in her doggie backpack about half the time. It builds character.